New weapons 2015

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New weapons 2015

Post by TKDF on Thu Jan 22, 2015 7:48 pm

Download: #!CQlSiIDC!4U3UVczYaSw1ZzVE_v16t7a-Bj_nkByHpd96iy59tuk
Read the guide on package for pistol's anims so on game the pistol hold it well.
Already here I have the upload the tweak beta, Download and import on your game.
Tweak Beta: #!6EsTQJCZ!WdesURA2dVXR8gPtJ57lCNOG8bgCHsIOjF3oCLwzMb8


Mod 2016 NEW PATCH:!LU0ARLAC!GSFpQWD21w4wayBjb_58LZg660BCDeewRmoiULZOiJI
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