Tweaking Lesson 2

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Tweaking Lesson 2

Post by TKDF on Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:05 pm

1.DetonatesOnExpiry... What's?
it is the weapon that once finished the 5 seconds of exploding grenade may terminate or disappearing.
If you put in the code to true the weapon explodes, if false then put the weapon disappears
2.Se the weapon explodes not only works as an explosion but you're enabling a substance to which there will be a particle explosion ... what?
DetonationFx: here put an explosive particle (also smoke) go on partwk.xml finding files such as "WXP_ExplosionX_Med" if you smoke then to example
3. Now the weapon can explode with a greater destructive power: LandDamageRadius:
small: 20
small: 40
Medium: 50
medium large: 80
large: 100
very large: 200
Extra Large: 500
Extra Extra Large: 1000 or 2000
PreDetonationTime indicates the time to wait before exploding given that delayed effect
These are numbers that you put in the code.
4.ImpulseMagnitude and WormDamageMagnitude are the magnitude of a quantity, we begin by ImpulseMagnitude: the push, the burst of a worm or item number in the code by writing to:
Small: 0.1
Small average: 0.2
Middle: 0.3
Right: 0.4
Powerful: 0.5
WormDamageMagnitude indicates the damage that turns the worm hit, if you put esemipo to -50 (a negative number) adds life as a vital cash on impulse instead draws him instead of reject it on destroyal not know yet.
5.Sounds of a weapon: DetonationSfx indicates the sound of the explosion, LoopSfx the current sound of a weapon launched, ArmSfxLoop what is about to explode, BounceSfx the rebound, WalkSfx when walking and finally PreDetonationSfx before exploding emmette a sound as my weapon of Worms 4 thereturn in this case.
6.ImpulseRadius and WormDamageRadius indicate both the radius perimeter of a given magnitude
Precise: 100
Correct: 120
Spacer: 200 or more
Variation: 90
variable: 80 to 40
very poor: 20
I hope to be of help.


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