Tweaking Lesson By TheKingDragonFire ( read my guide :)

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Tweaking Lesson By TheKingDragonFire ( read my guide :)

Post by TKDF on Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:23 pm

1.Edit always the primary parts ( those for beginners)
2.The stairs of graphic payloads , such powers , wormsdamagemagnitude , impulse land etc. .. magnitudes are numerals
3 . Change the graphic must be very careful to make mistakes of crash the game , here are the examples :
both in the payload section that weapon in his hand.
4.Warning ! scales can enlarge up to 10 for not clog your PC, but you need to adjust the radius for the right effect of the scale of the model launched
5.For the particles however, before we go to arielfx : sometimes it happens that you do not fumeggia the weapon ? the fact is that you have to put on c4 such as " object0 " and it will work Very Happy
6.Se want to change the explosions you have to go to detonationfx for the effects and sfx for sounds, this also applies to other sections of code written in a weapon
7.Cluster Bomb ? ? ? you have to put numbomblets for numbers of clusters, cluster bomblet weapon name is to read the weapon that comes out from the explosion of a cluster weapon , then there are the regulators bomblet
8.Be careful of spelling errors on the notepad or block notes windows classic , as trying to save the game and start the fun Smile

Maybe I wrote a little bad, enough to see what I wrote xD Tounge :lol:

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