Converting/playing W3D maps on W4M

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Converting/playing W3D maps on W4M

Post by LavaWave on Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:37 pm

I am using W4Map Launcher and it works just fine, however there are still a few maps from 3D which aren't in the launcher and they are .xom files (along a script file) and I suppose the Theme folder is what stores the textures for the maps.

As the game of Worms 4 Mayhem uses .xan files and .w3dt files which are worms 3D maps converted for W4M via AlexBond's launcher, I wonder how can I convert a few 3D worms game maps for Worms 4 Mayhem, is this possible? if so how, is it complicated for a person who never mapped before or messed with the .xml files?

Thanks in advance.

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