How to have EVERY weapon

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How to have EVERY weapon

Post by flashrank on Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:12 pm

This is a tutorial of how to create a game style that has the entire weapons.

1st way: you can download an re-place my SaveGame.xom, BUT you WILL lose your own game styles and teams

if you are lazy and don't want to follow the tutorial, here is my savegame: ?lu4gav8e2uqvqeu
the game style is named: 'Ultimate Mayhem'
Ultimate Mayhem has everything unlimited except the 5 weapons have 1 ammo, worms select twice and bouble trouble once.

2nd way: the tutorial:

go to: -installed disk-/Codemasters/Worms 4 Mayhem/data/Tweak/Local.xml and open it
ctrl+f and search: Standard (yes we will edit the standard game style)
now, every weapon has an 'ID' like Bazooka, it is -63
but I suppose, you want: Fatkins Strike, Bovine Blitz, Alien Abdunction, Sentry Gun, Concrete Donkey
so the ID's for those are:
Fat strike: -92
Bovine: -87
Alien: -91
Sentry: -96
Concrete: -65 (NOTE: these are ONLY for the Standard Game Style)
now ctrl+f and type -92, you will find something like this:

WeaponSettingsData id='DATA.LockedSchemes-92'
Ammo 0 /Ammo
Crate 10 /Crate
Delay 0 /Delay
you can see, ammo is 0, therefor it isn't in the list and can't find it in the gamestyle settings, I prefer you only give 1 ammo to these 5 weapons because they are 'too' strong and can easily end the game so it isn't fun anymore. Change it to like this:

WeaponSettingsData id='DATA.LockedSchemes-92'
Ammo 1 /Ammo
Crate 10 /Crate
Delay 0/Delay

ammo= how many times u can use (unlimited= -1)
crate= % chance of being in a crate
Delay= how many turns you have to wait until you can use

now do it for all the 5 weapons, but I recommend you to give the worms a high number of health because they can easily die. For high health look for this BELOW standard:

WormHealth 100 /WormHealth
I prefer 500 health because then it is feasable.

And here you go... to use these settings, create a new game style BASED on the game stlye you changed, in this case Standard (PS: Standard will be pissed off so... but I don't care for me because I never use it)


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Re: How to have EVERY weapon

Post by Dzani on Sun Dec 11, 2011 6:31 pm

Flashrank, please don't use when posting tutorials and tweaks for download. Members find it difficult and distracting.

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Re: How to have EVERY weapon

Post by Fireworm on Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:11 pm

Lol, I don't find adfly difficult or distracting at all. All I know is that it takes 5 seconds of my time, and in doing so give the person a little bit of money. I don't see ads because my adblocker. Tounge

Also, I already posted a video of the second way in the tutorials section.

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Re: How to have EVERY weapon

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