Advanced Energy or Enemy: An experimental Wormpot mod

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Advanced Energy or Enemy: An experimental Wormpot mod

Post by FBI Light Rock on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:03 pm

Here's a new Wormpot mod i found while researching on how to edit the names and description of Wormpots.
All your worms will start poisoned, and will be poisoned again after each turn. They have to keep collecting health crates (and possibly heal their teammates by giving them a health crate using the ninja rope) in order to survive.

Now, the problem is all mines now look like health crates. There is almost no way to say if a crate is real or fake, because the radar has been disabled. This way, you are collecting health crates at your own risk.

Sudden death will make it much harder, because it triggers permanent double damage. Therefore, if you collect a fake health crate, you have no chance to survive. make your time
It will also give you a weapon that can scatter 8 fake health crates around it.

- Game starts with 25 health crates on the map. Only 10 of them are real.
- Worms start poisoned, and will be poisoned again every turn
- Worms have infinite mines (fake health crates), ninja ropes and parachutes
- 4 real health crates spawn every turn
- Mine factory generates 10 fake health crates every 3 turns
- You can throw fake health crates
- Sudden death = Double damage + New weapon that can spawn 8 fake health crates at once

- Worms die when their health reaches 1
- Turn time decreases faster when collecting crates
- Remove the mine factory and use another way to spawn mines. This way, the game can't be ruined by destroying the factory.

This should not affect online playing unless you play with the Energy or Enemy wormpot mode enabled. I'm not sure about this though, since it alters the stdvs.lua file (script for deathmatch and homelands mode). So don't forget to create a backup of the files Wormpot.lua and stdvs.lua in your data\scripts folder.

There is a built-in ability to spawn UXB (fake) crates. They appear on the radar as real crates, and explode immediately when collected. I didn't want to use them, I made my own ones, they look more fun, and they can be thrown by weapons.

Download here

Don't complain if your game is screwed because you forgot to keep your original files safe.

Obviously, you have to enable the Energy or Enemy mode on the Wormpot (two shotguns crossed and a health crate). 30 seconds turn time, 5 or 10 minutes round time, mines only and mine factory enabled are optimal parameters.
The author of this Wormpot mod is _Kilburn
Lastly, plz help me on telling me how to edit the names of Wormpots and the description shown when pressing the info button! Some of them i edited were a success, but the rest seemed to be a failure! Help!
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Post by aa wormer on Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:11 am

nice mode

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