New Worms game idea

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New Worms game idea

Post by edicu2000 on Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:22 pm

I have a idea to make a worms game called WORMS:EMERGENCY
Weapons are
The menu music will be The same as Worms 3d
You can unlock weapons without doing missions : Greedy worm-Unlock Doctor strike and redbull if you collect more than 50 Crates[url][/url]
Name and Fame - Name a team and choose hats, speech-banks, gravestones and victory dances for them Unlocks the Earthquake
Wind Assisted - Win a Quick Match using only the Bazooka unlocks Homing missle and Worm Select
In Your Own Time - Win a Quick Match by being the last surviving worm not killed by the rising water in Sudden Death Unlocks Flood and Kamikaze
Donkey Dodger - Survive the enemy deploying 3 Concrete Donkey in Mission 3 and Unlocks: Concrete Donkey, Fast Walk And Sheep On A Rope
Worms Elite - Unlock all the other trophies Unlocks Shotgun,Low gravity, Blow torch ,Freeze and old woman
Training- Complete all the tutorial challenges unlocks Prod and Baseball Bat
Barrel Buster- Blow up 25 barrels in a Match and receive Poision Strike, Skunk and MB Bomb
Internet Player-Play 3 Internet Worms:EMERGENCY games in one day and you will got:Cluster grenade,Scales of Justice,Telepor,Invisibilityt and Mail strike
Shepherd-Kill a cumulative total of 15 worms using just the sheep for this award...baaa-gain:Sheep, Super Sheep ,Sheep On A Rope, Sheep Strike and Super Sheep Strike
Get Your Lob On- Win a game using just the Grenade Unlocks:Grenade,Cluster Grenade,Homing Grenade,Poision Grenade,Holy Hand Grenade,Bananna Bomb,Super Bananna Bomb,Petrol Bomb and Grenade Strike
Prod for Victory -Win a game by using the Prod in Quick Game Unlocks:Prod,Fire Punch,Kamikaze,Baseball Bat and Suiccide Bomber
FireStarter-Use fire weapons 200 times Unlocks :Bazooka,Homing Missle,Mortar,Grenade Launcher,Sheep Launcher,Magic Bullet,Flame Thrower,Napalm Strike,Dynamite,Land Mine,Fire Punch And Super Teleport(Teleport 4 Times)
Oldest Swinger in Town-Use the Ninja Rope 1000 times in Tutorial Unlocks:Ninja Rope,Girder,Girder Pack,Bungee,Paraschute ,Red Bull and Homing Grenade
Silver Damage-Deal 2,000 points cumulative damage to win :Old Woman,Fatkins Strike,Low Gravity and Land Mine
Hot Foot-Use 10 Times Fast Walk In A Match Will Unlock:Fast Walk,Jet Pack,Freeze and Uzi
Fast, Pink And Hard-Use Fast Walk,Jet Pack And Low Gravity In 1 Turn Will Unlock Them and Air Strike
Pro Dude-Win a 3 Times Mission 2 in under 5 minutes Will unlock:Back In The Past,Armageddon,Sentry Gun and Mad Cow
Armageddon is a Trash-Survive Armageddon From Tutorial 10:Super Weapons will unlock: All Air Strikes
Area 17 -Use in a match >3 Alien Abducts unlocks :Nuclear Bomb and Electromagnet
Da'Sniper-Win a match using just shotgun ,laser vision and sniper rifle unlocks:Minigun,Handgun,Sniper rifle, Laser vision And Arrows
The Constructor-Bulid 50 Girders unlock:Girder,Girder Pack,Blow Torch and Pneumatic Drill
Mole Lover-Use5 Moles in a match unlocks :Mole,Mole Strike and Salvation Army

This is How some sprites will look!

I-ll make custom graves

And custom victory dances

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Re: New Worms game idea

Post by Dzani on Sun Apr 10, 2011 11:55 pm

Nice Smile It all starts from a great idea.

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