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Training room

Post by Dzani on Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:27 pm

This is training Room introduction.
If you dont have skills enough to play with our regular guild members than you can come here on training.
Post Below your Skills (see requirments Forum) and we will see can you be put in worms 3d training.
IF you get your skills higher and better you may become Pro member of Guild, until then train.When you think your skills are good enough to become Pro post it here and we will test it (if possible ) and you will become Pro.
We will give our best to help you with basic training and worm gameplay introduction. Once you learn and overcome basics, you can go on your own and
participate in regular harder trainings of our guild.
If you are Newbie, it will go like this :
- Play game, try to complete it. While playing, practice shooting and improve your skills.
- We will schedule Basic Trainings and reveal all tips and tricks to you. After few matches you will be ready to join guild trainings.
- In guild trainings, we try very hard but also have great fun. Fun is the most important, you wouldn't play this game if it wasn't joyful.
- Once trainings are finished we will have tournaments, single vs single and multi vs multi. Awards will be given to winners. Also, when guild tournaments arrive, we choose our best members for tournament. So , show us you are one of them

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