New Super Mario Brothers Wii tweaking

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New Super Mario Brothers Wii tweaking

Post by Fireworm on Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:11 am

- Custom levels can either be made with Tanooki or Reggie! The newer versions of Tanooki has now become a save editor because Reggie! was to well made to be beat. Reggie! edits the actual level files, not by editing a save file.

- Other arc files (some .arc files are level files) located in the iso can be edited with SZS Modifier. Things that can be edited are textures and maybe models. Also I think something with brstm (music) files can be edited with it. I don't know because I always edited the brstm files a different way. (I make my music files with Audacity and not with the program used there, because Audacity is free.)

- Custom levels and tilesets can be found here.

The way I recommend to load custom things on the Wii is with Riivolution. It has always worked for me and never had any problems. If you do it that way, you will need a SD card to put the files on (you need to get the files onto your Wii somehow right?).
Some info that some of you NSMB players might want to know is, there is actually a cheat code that lets you be someone else besides Mario as player 1. Codes can also be loaded through Riivolution.

Later on I might upload my custom stuff for this game. (And maybe MKW (Mario Kart Wii) if I do anything on it.)
MKW topic might or might not come soon.

Edit: Since I'm not borrowing the game anymore from my friend since I completed it. (got every single star coin). I'm probably not going to be playing it for a while now. So I guess I better upload my stuff before I lose them.
Here is a texture hack I did to the yellow toad to make him look like the red capped toad from the older games. I might of missed a few icons, but I think I got them all. This is the older toad I am talking about if you don't know.

And for levels. (only 2)
Might need a few changes and stuff like that. (most certainly the jungle themed one)

I'm done here. I want to call this site home, but I can't. There is nothing go to here, it's just a barren wasteland.
If you want me back, give me a call when the one-man show is over.

~Sincerely, Fireworm.

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