How to change payload file

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How to change payload file

Post by Dzani on Sat Jan 26, 2008 11:17 pm

First be sure to read Faqs How to tweak and Particle effects
before you step here.

Playload is graphical file and it will only change appearence and
nothign else.
Open your weptwk.xml and search for bazooka

<XContainerResourceDetails id='kWeaponBazooka'>
after taht search for PayloadGraphicsResourceID and it should display
<PayloadGraphicsResourceID>Current effect</PayloadGraphicsResourceID>

If you want bazooka to shoot sheep just write sheep between lines.
If you wonder where to find list of effects the only way is is to search for payload
line of each weapon and see what it has.
So if you want dynamite search for dynamite and look his
payload list name.Whats between the lines is ID name.
That ID name you can write between bazookas payload so it shoots dynamite
or anythign else you write.
IF you want to change size of sheep or file you set just below paylaod
there is
which you can edit for size and radius.
IF you want to change waht your worm holds search for
Weeapon you watn to change

Then search for Weapon you want
Then search for
it will display
Between the lines enter Your ID name you want save and play.

Enjoy tweaking

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